Police & Fire Protection

Chula Vista's population has grown by tens of thousands of people, yet we have far fewer police officers than we did 10 years ago. We have the lowest staffing ratio of any fire department in the state of California. It is time to restore public safety to the level necessary to keep us safe!

Jill will help refocus our city's budget to provide the protection services we need and deserve!

Our Chula Vista Bayfront

New Bayfront developments will soon be underway. Jobs and opportunities should go to Chula Vista residents first! We should feel welcome to visit our Bayfront and enjoy all of the new amenities that will be developed. Tax revenues should be used for the benefit of all of Chula Vista.

Jill will work hard to ensure that the Bayfront works for all of us.

Aging Infrastructure

Aerial cable and power lines are dangerous. They obstruct our views and need to be underground. Our parks no longer seem welcoming. They should be modernized and patrolled. Potholes cause unsafe driving and are damaging our cars and bicycles.

Jill will demand that Northwest Chula Vista gets its fair share of resources!

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