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Jill Galvez for Mayor of Chula Vista 2022
for Mayor of Chula Vista

A Track Record of Success

Since being sworn into office December, 2018, Jill Galvez has proven herself to be a devoted and effective public servant.

She counts the following amongst her proudest accomplishments:

  • As Deputy Mayor in 2020, helped to shape our city's response to the COVID crisis

  • As Deputy Mayor in 2020, supported our police and District Attorney's office as they shut down over 30 illegal cannabis shops

  • Participated in the hiring of Maria Kachadoorian as our City Manager 

  • Fixed the budget, saving taxpayers almost $116 million  by restructuring pension debt to CalPERS

  • Hired more police officers (245 of 280 now authorized)

  • 4-0 staffing on fire engines

  • Advanced life support/Emergency Medical Transport now provided by our Chula Vista Fire Department

  • Repaired roads and sidewalks

  • $2M in grants for door-to-door electric shuttles (free for seniors - coming soon)

  • Billion dollar Chula Vista Bayfront project is underway!

  • Leash-free dog park at Memorial Park

  • Removed over 33,000 incidents of graffiti (and counting)

  • Created the West Side/Best Side Mural and Graffiti Abatement project, a collaboration of 5 high schools to paint murals on utility boxes, walls, and buildings 

  • Restored confidence in local government representation by personally responding to all emails and texts and helping to resolve long-standing issues

In addition to her City Council position, Jill serves as:

 Jill Galvez is the right choice for Mayor of Chula Vista! 

Councilmember Jill Galvez
Experience. Integrity. Vision.

As Councilmember of Northwest Chula Vista District 2, Jill Galvez has served with integrity and devotion to represent all residents - current and future - of Chula Vista.


Chula Vista has hired more firefighters and police officers than in past years. Our city now provides EMT/Ambulance service, arriving to help faster and costing you less. We have fixed streets and sidewalks and added sparkle throughout Chula Vista parks, libraries and recreation centers. We have fixed the $350 million dollar pension debt problem inherited from past city councils. Our Bayfront agreement with the Port has been secured and the billion dollar project is under way. We have led the region and state in fighting COVID with compassionate and innovative programs that kept our community safe while assisting local businesses. And the future of Chula Vista has never been so bright!


Jill Galvez has a proven track record of serving you with integrity. She truly listens and cares deeply about Chula Vista's residents, businesses, schools, employees, and has a solid vision for our future.

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